Our Church

Cornerstone Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church serving the community of Troy, Ohio. We believe firmly in the authority of the Scriptures in our lives and unashamedly seek to declare the whole counsel of God. We place our emphasis on the verse by verse exposition of the Word of God and the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the world. It is our supreme desire to see our Lord glorified in all things and to see His people experience the fullness of joy that comes through knowing Him.

Cornerstone functions together as a church family, and we believe passionately in the community of faith. All of us labor together for mutual encouragement, accountability and growth. We recognize and give special value to each of the individual families that attend our church and seek to only be a blessing to them. Our aim is to equip them with all the resources and support they need to confidently walk with the Lord and be a beacon of light in our present age. We are always striving to see the work of the Lord grow, and would love to have you join our church family, as we seek to serve the Lord Jesus Christ together.